Latinx Dance Class

Film by
Jazelynn Goudy & Laura Rodriguez
The Dance Department at The Ohio State University
Film from class and Informance 2018
Music: La Gozadera by Gente De Zona
More info visit:

From Laura Rodriguez Vimeo Page

Latinx Movement Practice course was developed by teacher and choreographer Laura Rodriguez for the Undergraduate program at the Ohio State University. The 5000 level course actively sought to celebrate and make visible the traditional, contemporary, and experimental practices of Latin dance forms.The course structures movement investigation laboratories built from the markers of the Cumbia, Salsa, Merengue, and Cha-cha to converge in rigorous movement labs, combinations, and processions. Together we found healing, joy, and empowerment in moving with each other while cultivating a greater appreciation for the Latin intersections of movement, music, and culture. We owe our sincere gratitude to Susan Hadley, Susan Petry, and faculty for supporting the Dance Departments efforts to explore the greater African American continuum.
Autumn 2018 clase: Hazel Black, Jackie Bordjadze, Ali Cassidy, Mason Chapello, Iman Clark, Laura DeAngelis, Jazelynn Goudy, Kyla Makovsky, Melidi Montano, Laura Patterson, Brianna Rhodes, Maxi Riley, Nikki Schmidhammer, Joyce Smith

Laura Rodrigez Vimeo Page.

For More Information Check out The Link Below

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